We interviewed Layelle, the owner of Frenchie Lola the baddest bitch. If you’re in need of hilarious sarcasm, sass and just a badass attitude Lola’s account is where it’s at. We recommend watching her Instagram highlights and diving into the comment sections of her posts. Watching her sassy responses to the social ‘bots’ have us in stitches!! ENJOY AND YOU ARE WELCOME!


How would you describe Lola’s personality?

Lola's a baddie and makes no apologies for it! She’ll steal your man and side eye you while she’s doing it. Lola would happily run off with a stranger if it meant she got heaps of belly rubs and treats. Lola has no concept of personal space; she will literally aim her stinker right at you when cuddling and let 'em rip like there's no tomorrow. All that fun stuff aside she will cuddle you to death and has random spurts of energy, once she's used it up, she's laid out somewhere around the house fast asleep. 


When did you realise Lola WAS the baddest bitch?

I knew Lola was the baddest bitch when I laid my tear-filled eyes on her. She owns any space she walks into and has everyone wrapped around her little paws. Within the first 5 minutes of owning her I thought she was looking up at me endearingly (which I have a photo of - below) turns out she was peeing on the floor to say I’m dirty, flirty and thriving. That’s basically when I knew I had a baddie on my hands. 



Was Lola a Jerk as a puppy? And what is the Jerkiest thing she’s done!

Frenchie's are known for being super stubborn which makes everything that's a big no-no extra jerky when she looks me in the eye and defies me. One of the jerkiest things she has done was sniff her poo and as I was commanding her NOT to eat it, she grabbed it and in one gulp threw it down her pipe hole and again gazing right into my soul as she did it. There's seriously a long list of jerky things but as she's getting older, she's definitely growing out of this phase. 


What is her worst habit?

Lola's worst habit is shitting near where she eats or on the concrete literally cm's away from the grass. Frenchie's are also known for not only hating the heat but also the cold. 

The grass in the morning is the last place she wants to be, so I'm literally her human pooper scooper. On the odd occasion when she decides to be a good girl and not eat her poo or shit where she's not supposed to, she is praised with a lot of love and treats. 


What is her best quality?

Her best quality is she is built for a butt tonne of affection. Lola is super protective of our house when she's inside of it but when we are out exploring the neighbourhood, she's super friendly with other dogs and people so she’s definitely a lover not a fighter. 


What is your favourite video and photo of Lola?

My all-time favourite video of Lola is the moment she came into my life. My best friend was in on the surprise my husband had in stall for me for my 30th birthday. My best mate Sam was already at my house with camera rolling in hand and was able to capture the moment my hubby walked in with her and surprised me. This beautiful 8-week-old unnamed pup was placed into my hands. Was I obsessed immediately.? yes. Did I preform a skin-on-skin moment with her before naming her.? yes. ( skin to skin applies to mothers and their newborns. It helps with separation, supports optimal brain development and facilitates attachment, which promotes the infant's self-regulation over time) I was being silly when I did this but that's who I am lol. My favourite pictures of Lola are the ones where she's laid out on my husband and looks back at me like “I just stole yo man” haha.


We love seeing the responses to the bots on your profile. Can you share some of your classic responses. And has any of the ‘bots’ replied to your sassy comments?

So I don’t post often but when I do the bots come out to play. One page asked for me to DM them as they would love for Lola to model for them and I responded with “will I get paid”. Another said “let’s cooperate, we’ll be waiting for your message” my response was “you’ll be waiting for a while mate”. Lastly “come check us out Lola” my response “I did. Not impressed”. I respond to these for my own amusement really so I’m glad someone like Ruffdogs sees the humour in these too. I’ve yet to have a bot respond. 



Would’ve a RUFF Puppy box helped you during the puppy stage?

The RUFF Puppy box is such a brilliant idea. Especially for new dog owners that wouldn’t know where to start or what to buy. It literally has all the essentials to ensure your pup has the best start. Definity comes in handy for a rookie like me!


What are your top tips of owning a Frenchie?

Get pet insurance. I can’t stress that enough. Especially in her first year of life we had more trips to the vet and emergency room than I’ve ever had to the shops. Make sure you do your research on their personality type to ensure they fit into your home and lifestyle. They are definitely not a breed that do well on their own. The more love and companionship the better. 


What did you wish you knew before owning Lola?

Nothing to be honest! As a first-time dog owner aka P.A I’m having a blast learning and growing with Lola. She has her own big personality which I’m loving exploring. No kidding, the amount of times Siri has come in handy when I drop food on the floor “Siri is apple ok for puppies” “Siri can puppies eat corn” etc shoutout to Siri. 


As Frenchie parents what made you want to get a Frenchie?

I was focused on what would work for our lifestyles more-so than focused on getting a Frenchie. When I was looking up different dog traits, she just happened to tick all the boxes. I expressed to my partner that I was keen on this breed and for months maybe even a year we shelved the idea as we were renovating and moving into our first home together. When hubby showed up to our house with her, I was seriously so surprised. I'm literally honoured to have the baddest bitch of all time living under my roof rent free. 



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