Who the heck is Ruff?

RUFF came about when Jeyda and Julie were wasting away in the big bad word of ad agencies. The only thing the bought Jeyda and Julie happiness was their fur babies. They both got their new puppies around similar times and realised how difficult it was to own a puppy. Julie and Jeyda would only find tips and tricks from friends and family.

It then became apparent that there was a gap in puppy ownership, which was a toolbox that equiped you with everything you need when starting your puppy ownership journey. They both came to realise also that they loved their puppies so much... BUT they were massive jerks and it seemed that everyone round them had similar experiences.

After launching the puppy boxes two months before the pandemic, Jeyda and Julie were sending new puppy owners survival tool boxes and receiving great success. When covid hit, they saw a rise in rescue dogs, so they saw another gap where they wanted to support new rescue dog owners with the adoption box!

Jeyda and Julie's goal with RUFF was to let people know... hey... we love our fur babies but they are living animals and they may chew our undies or our socks or our expensive records however.... they need attention, training and care, and we're here to help you out with brands we know and trust.